Thanks for stopping by. My name is Shawn Brace and I’m a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, community planter, author, and “church minimalist” living in Maine. I have a deep passion for Christ, the gospel, missional living, and my family (which consists of my beautiful wife and three wonderful children).



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Shawn. I’m an SDA guy, and have been following your twitter and blog for a while, and have a kinda theological question that I would like to ask in private.
    Is there an e-mail I can write it to?

  2. Nolan Mercado said:

    Hi Shawn, thanks for your very balanced views. I am what they call a Millenial and a Seventh-Day Adventist at that. I’ve been going through a journey, asking a lot of questions and breaking through the tradition that has unfortunately pervaded our church movement. You blog posts are very informational and they have answered some questions that I’ve had and have also caused me to think of new questions. Keep up the great work and keep seeking the Lord and sharing what God reveals to you through your journey. Thanks again!

  3. Ruth Jenniffer Paz said:

    I must to say that reading your twitter, the thoughts you shared about church planting got me engaged with this topic… and now I discovered your blog! It is so nice to read a a fresh and creative point of view in the SDA world of Church planting
    Blessings pastor
    Keep writing

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